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Meat Samosa

(2 pieces) Deep fried pockets of homemade pastry filled with special mince and potatoes. Served with chutneys.

Veg. Samosa

Homemade pastry filled with lightly spiced potatoes & peas served with mint chutney.


Very popular indian snack consisting of bite size pieces in season vegetables, crispy fried in light batter, served with authentic Indian chutneys.

Fish Pakoras

Succulent pieces of fish coated in Besan (chickpea) flour, herbs and spices,  then deep fried. Severed with chutneys.

Seekh Kababs

(2 pieces) Lamb mince with fresh green chilli, fresh coriander, onions and spices rolled on a skewer then barbecued in the charcoal clay oven (Tandoor). Severed with salad and chutneys.

Chicken Tikka

(4 pieces) Boneless chicken pieces dipped in a gentle blend of spices then baked in the Tandoori Oven, Served with generous salad and chutneys.

Tandoori Chicken Half

4 pieces of delicious tender pieces of chicken marinated in lemon yogurt and Tandoori spices and smoked roasted in clay oven, served with generous salad and traditional mint chutney.

Tandoori Chicken Full

8 pieces of delicious tender pieces of chicken marinated in lemon yogurt and Tandoori spices and smoked roasted in clay oven, served with generous salad and traditional mint chutney.

Vegetarian Special

Mix. Veg. Curry

A beautiful curry of fresh garden vegetables cooked to a perfection in special herbs and spices.

Alu Gobi

Traditional potatoes and cauliflower curry cooked in Punjabi style.

Dhal Makhani

Lentil curry cooked in a variety of spices and simmered over a slow fire with fresh coriander and touch of green chilli.

Channa Masala

Chick peas cooked with tomatoes, cumin and fresh spices.

Alu Palak

Fresh ground spinach and potatoes cooked in fresh ginger, garlic, onions and authentic Indian spices.

Alu Mattar

A very famous Indian dish of fresh baby peas and pieces of potatoes cooked in all the delicate herbs and spices.

Matter Paneer

Green peas and paneer (Indian cheese) in delicately spiced curry.

Saag Paneer

Fresh ground spinach and cheese cubes cooked with fresh ginger, garlic and onions.

Malai Kofta

Delicious balls of paneer and potatoes cooked in a creamy sauce with delicate herbs and spices.

Shahi Paneer

Homemade Indian cheese cubes cooked in a delicious combination of herbs and spices.

Meat Dishes

Lamb Rogan Josh

Boneless pieces of lean lamb cooked to perfection in an authentic curry.

Lamb Korma

Tender lamb pieces cooked with yoghurt and blended with cashew nuts.

Saag Gosht Wala

Lamb and spinach cooked together.

Lamb Madras

Lamb cooked with special spices.

Chole Gosht

Lamb and chickpea curry.

Lamb Sabzi

Lamb curry cooked with fresh garden vegetables.

Lamb Vindaloo

Spicy hot lamb dish with potatoes.

Beef Curry

Classic North Indian cooked with a subtle blend of herbs.

Beef Vindaloo

Spicy hot beef dish with potatoes.

Beef Dhansak

Beef cooked in lentil curry sauce.

Beef Sabzi

Mouth watering beef curry cooked with fresh garden vegetables.

Alu Keema

Traditional lean beef mince cooked with thinly sliced potatoes with ginger and garlic.

Tandoori Seekh Masala

Seekh kebabs cooked in the tandoor on charcoal then sliced and cooked in a delicious masala sauce.

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Curry

Boneless chicken cooked North Indian style in delicately spiced curry.

Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken cooked in tomatoes.

Chicken Shahi Korma

Chicken cooked with yoghurt and blended with cashew nuts.

Chicken Saagwala

Chicken and spinach curry.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tandoori oven and barbecued boneless chicken fillet pieces cooked and served with a masala sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo

Spicy hot chicken dish with potatoes.

Murgh Sabzi

Authentic chicken curry cooked with delicious vegetables.

Chicken Jalfrezi

Boneless chicken cooked with onions, ginger, capsicum and tomatoes.

Chicken Nilgiri

Chicken cooked with green herbs and spices.
Come down to Tandoori Village in Springwood for a delectable dining experience you won’t forget.

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